Stand-alone problem...


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I have all GCFS for portal 2007s and everything. Yet when i use UCL to try and start it. It says Gameinfo.txt is not a valid format. What do I do?

Also gameinfo.txt has nothing in it o_0.
Yea...Can someone copy and paste there portal gameinfo.txt here lol.

Here my Portal gameinfo

	game		"Portal"
	title 		"Portal"
	type		singleplayer_only
	nodifficulty	1
	hasportals	1
		SteamAppId				400		// This will mount all the GCFs we need (240=CS:S, 220=HL2).
		ToolsAppId				211		// Tools will load this (ie: source SDK caches) to get things like materialsdebug, materialseditor, etc.
		// The code that loads this file automatically does a few things here:
		// 1. For each "Game" search path, it adds a "GameBin" path, in <dir>bin
		// 2. For each "Game" search path, it adds another "Game" path in front of it with _<langage> at the end.
		//    For example: c:hl2cstrike on a french machine would get a c:hl2cstrike_french path added to it.
		// 3. For the first "Game" search path, it adds a search path called "MOD".
		// 4. For the first "Game" search path, it adds a search path called "DEFAULT_WRITE_PATH".

		// Search paths are relative to the base directory, which is where hl2.exe is found.
		// |gameinfo_path| points at the directory where gameinfo.txt is.
		// We always want to mount that directory relative to gameinfo.txt, so
		// people can mount stuff in c:mymod, and the main game resources are in
		// someplace like c:program filesvalvesteamsteamappshalf-life 2.
			Game				|gameinfo_path|.
			Game				portal
			Game				hl2