Star War: Knights of the Old Republic


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First of all, I wanted to thank the developers behind freesteam, as well as the people who keep this site updated and current.
I just today discovered this software and I am thrilled with the results, once it is properly installed. I have owned the retail versions of both half-life and half-life 2, but lost the account info for the registered editions. Being able to play them again is great, thank you.
Now, if it would be possible to get either the gcf or ncfs for KoToR that would be completely :pawesome!


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onli thing I can tell you is that you need the "starwars knights of the old republic content.ncf" and the common folder :D


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Hay man you would not happen to know where I could get the .GCF or the .NCF of KoToR now would you? Because it says that that account has been band if you could help i would be VERY happy. Please and thank you