Stargate Resistance Update Released

Updates to Stargate Resistance have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include: Patch Notes

  • Achievements earned during a round now display on the match end screenAchievements will now fade in and out on the screen
  • Placeable objects now rotate 90 degrees per click
  • New look for the symbiote poisonNew holograms have been added for the Turret, Dispenser and Claymore
  • Loading tips will now display according to the team you have selected
  • Player ranks will now show up next to names on the tab screen (visible to your team only)
  • Dead players will have their rank replaced by a skull while they are dead (visible to both teams)Hit effects will now linger on the screen for a little bit longer
Bug Fixes:
  • Changing classes during a battle will no longer remove the bonus xp and will distribute it accordingly
  • Ping on the tab screen is now more accurately represented
  • XP earned at match end now displays correctly-Smoke and Shock grenades will no longer stick to players upon explodingLogging out of the game while being attacked by the Neural Beam will no longer have the effects displayed permanently
  • Achievements will now be drawn above the tab and score screens
  • Artifacts removed from certain UI elementsExit battle button now highlights consistently
  • The possessed whiteboards have now been exorcised!The Defcon counter has been adjusted to match cannon.