Stargate Resistance Update Released

Updates to Stargate Resistance have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include: Patch Notes

  • A New Planet address has been discovered and players can now travel to Leonops and engage in two types of battle!
  • Assists:
    • Kill Assists are now in the game! Only 1 person can potentially earn a kill assist. Kill assists gives you personal score and not a kill credit, that goes to whomever performed the killing blow.
    • Healing classes will score assist points in the form of playerscore for performing actual healing on players
  • Players may now switch teams, but only if it will not create an imbalance.
  • Server gating has been implemented for SGC, Whiteout, Court and Amarna, games will now lock you in your spawn room until 1 player from each team is present
  • There is a new option to toggle crouching, this option can be found in the options menu
  • There is a new option to toggle the sniper scope per right click event instead of holding it down, this option is located in the options menu.
  • New transition effects for the Ashrak Cloak
  • Global server announcements have been created to let players know when the servers will be coming down for maintenance
  • Snazzy new bullet holes and blast marks have been added
  • Performance improvements on particle system renderingWhiteout: Capturing the flag will now award 20 points to the player who captured it.
Bug Fixes:
  • Whiteout: Both teams should now incur a death upon jumping into the pit of Piramess.
  • UI: The targeting reticule for the Ashrak blade will now more accurately displays the red chevron when a backstab will actually land on an opponent.
  • Weapons:
    • The backstab and sniper rifle headshot damage bonuses should now perform 1 hit kills no matter the amount of hp bonus on the opposing player.
    • The scope on the sniper rifle has been tweaked for better shot placement
    • Goauld > Bunnyhopper : A player caught in the effects of the ribbon device will no longer be able to jump until they damage the Goa'uld to interrupt the beam