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    Updates to Stargate Resistance have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

    Patch notes

    -The login screen now has Stargate themed music, enjoy!

    -Assist points now also account for player suicides. (No more grenading yourself to death or running into the Stargate for safety!)

    -Chat is now colorized. (SL Global = Goldenrod, SL Team = Brown, SGC Global = Blue, SGC Team = Green)
    -The escape menu now slides up and down when opening / closing the menu.
    -You can now see the name of the player you are spectating.
    -All cooldown / reload times are now displayed by the weapon icons on the UI.

    -Commandos now only have 1 claymore but it will reload in 15 seconds upon detonation.
    -Soldiers now only have 2 smoke grenades but each one will reload 30 seconds after throwing them.
    -Jaffa now only have 2 shock grenades but each one will reload 30 seconds after throwing them.
    -Scientist beacons that get destroyed now have a cooldown timer of 5 seconds before they can be placed again. (individually)
    -Smoke trails have been added to the sniper rifle's tracer fire. (Time to find some new hiding spots)

    Bug Fixes:
    -The vocal emotes for medic (v1 by default) should now bring up the green arrow properly.
    -Players will now accrue the correct number of points for capturing a capture point. (3)
    -Changing key bindings for weapon controls will no longer effect vocal emote bindings.
    -Taking high resolution screenshots (f11, f12) will now turn off the HUD to avoid displaying the HUD multiple times on the images
    -The login screen UI should now have a visible cursor.
    -Players should no longer be able to spawn under the world.
    -Fixed a bug which allowed some players to be visual imposters of another class on respawn.

    -Trading spaces was previously bugged and giving it to players who were not swapping places. This issue has been corrected and should be more difficult to obtain now.

    -Performance enhancements have been made to the SGC map.
    -Collision has been added to prevent wall glitching in certain areas.

    -The objective screen now correctly displays the Leonops map.
    -The forcefields on TDM will no longer kill players who only touch them but will kill players who attempt to bypass them.
    -The forcefields stop most forms of splash damage now.
    -Ring transporters will now allow players to move around and still be teleported, this includes items like the beacons and claymores.
    -The music slider will now adjust the in game music on Leonops.
    -Players who die during the white screen effect of the ring transport will now have their white screen fade down upon respawning.
    -Grenade launcher projectiles can no longer move through forcefields.

    Server Lists:
    -Servers will now more accurately display the current player counts before joining them.

    -A few hedges have had some collision work on them to prevent players from getting stuck.
    -A few meshes have been moved slightly to decrease gaps between walkways.

    -Fixed a bug which allowed players to occasionally spawn without weaponry.
    -Players will no longer be able to stick weapons through any object in game (minus players and spawned objects) and fire. A red "X" will appear over the reticule indicating the shot is not available. Removing the weapon from the object will remove the red X and allow the player to fire normally.
    -The Goa'uld shield more accurately displays when it is off to better inform players when a Goa'uld player is vulnerable to weapons fire.
    -Claymores will now detonate on the commando respawning.
    -"Random" tracer fire from the origin should no longer occur.

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