STEAM-BUSTER ReVolution OrangeBox RC3


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Hmm i have a problem, has to do with "Failed to initialize authentication interface. Exiting..." its happening only with GldSrc games and mods :/


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sorry for resurrecting an old thread !!! ;)

I own the original HL2 DVD from 2004 (I can make a photo, if desired ;) )...
unfortunately I forgot/lost all my informations about my Steam account from that time !!! :(
I created a new account and tried to register the game...
but Steam tells me the CD key is already registered and can't be used again !!!
and their support also can't help in this case !!! :(

so I downloaded this Steam-Buster from here...
it runs and I guess I set the folders correctly...
the Steam-Buster shows an entry "Not Installed (1 Application)"...
I suppose this is my installed HL2 !?!?!
when I click this entry it opens a message box saying "Installing"...
but after the box closes there are no changes, it still says "Not Installed (1 Aplication)"

can someone help me?
or is there any tutorial on how to do it correctly?


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