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    A Steam client update is now available. To apply the update, click the File menu inside of Steam and then select "Check for Steam Client Updates...". The specific changes include:

    Steam Client
    • Fixed updating URL shell handler for steam://
    • Fixed friends windows not fading in/out correctly in the in-game overlay
    • Fixed layout of bottom launch region in in-game overlay sometimes breaking after using the invite to game dialog
    • Fixed store pages not showing after exit for some game demos
    • Fixed a dialog about Cloud sync failures for "Steam Client" popping up sometimes, with a "Play Game" button
    • Added separator between user’s name and status in compact view for the friends dialog
    • Fixed automatically closing the overlay when the invite to lobby dialog is closed
    • Fixed some chat event text being underlined when the text wasn't clickable
    • Improved multi-line text entry
    • Improved updating Steam to retry more servers
    • Fix friends list updating with pending Clan Invites reading the disk for friendpanel.layout every time
    • Hint the OS to page out Steam memory more aggressively on every game launch
    • Fixed "show online friends only" setting applying to "invites" section where everyone is offline
    • Decreased frequency of some background update checks to decrease the frequency of clientregistry.blob access
    • Made TCP the default for initial connection attempts to Friends/VAC for users on single core machines
    • Several small perf optimizations to decrease CPU usage on low end machines
    • Fixed some fallback logic to improve service when Steam content servers have trouble
    • Fixed getting invalid error message when registering CD-KeysFixed Manual link in game details page to open in external browser (since it’s almost always a pdf)

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