Steam Client Update Released

Discussion in 'Steam Updates' started by FSOwner, December 3, 2012.

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    - Added Big Picture mode which is optimized for using Steam fullscreen with a Gamepad on HDTVs
    - Games managed by the new content system can select alternate installation locations other than the Steam folder (Windows)
    - Fixed the in-game overlay not recognizing correctly which game is running sometimes when running a non-Steam shortcut
    - Fixed some potential GDI handle leaks in the Steam client (Windows)
    - Fixed Steam Cloud occasionally not syncing files it should
    - Fixed a bug where entering a password-protected content beta without a password would act like it succeeded even though it hand’t
    - Improved TGA validation in image loading code
    - Improved steam:// URL validation in some cases
    - Fixed a new in-game overlay crash in very specific scenarios on Windows 8 with legacy DX9 games
    - Fixed problems uppercasing some characters (e.g. Greek terminal sigma)
    - Fixed error retrieving third party cd keys when launching games on OS X (OSX)
    - Fix the in-game overlay to correctly inject when a launcher calls ShellExecute with an empty string for the verb (Windows, fixes SWTOR)
    - Improvements to the change email wizard

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