Steam Client Update Released

- Added Language support for the Daisy Wheel control under Mac OS X
- Changed Big Picture hotkey to Command+'/' under Mac OS X
- Delete old temporary folders created by CEF left around due to previous crashes
- Fixed Back behavior in several pieces of the UI
- Fixed Big Picture displaying only a blank screen after startup if the intro movie was cancelled quickly
- Friends sounds are now muted when running Big Picture and you choose mute in the audio settings
- Fixed URLs in the Web Browser showing the end, not the start, of the current URL
- Fixed Big Picture login screen not using your chosen UI language
- Fixed activation fail sounds playing when clicking on some areas of a html page
- Fixed password field in login UI not drawing entered characters properly under Mac OS X
- Fixed right stick zoom in the html control jumping on zoom commit
- Fixed scroll bars on HTML pages not updating when dragged via the mouse
- Fixed some friends list font clipping due to small line heights
- Removed default bind for Big Picture text console as it is no longer needed
- Fixed crash on exit when doing a forced shutdown of the client