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    - Added support for Linux
    - Offline messaging: You can now send messages to users who are offline. They will receive the message when they next log in
    - Opening a chat dialog with a friend will show some recent chat history
    - A web chat interface is available, you can find it by navigating to the Steam Community Friend Activity page in your web browser
    - Added a caps lock warning indicator to the login dialog password textbox
    - Added support for better content sharing between games
    - Improved performance and responsiveness of client UI
    - Improved startup time for users with large screenshot folders
    - Prevent users from selecting an invalid screenshots folder
    - Suspend all downloads automatically when a game is launched
    - Added third party Mod support for games on new content system
    - Big Picture: Users can now add wallet funds and authorize microtransactions
    - Big Picture: In-game overlay now moves back on ESC when appropriate rather than closing directly
    - Added the date that SteamGuard was enabled in the settings dialog
    - Improved handling of international characters

    - Fixed several issues with scroll bars in the store and community views
    - Fixed forum links opening in external browser windows
    - Reduced retail install time when reading from optical disc on Windows XP/Vista
    - Removed "/me" chat command, which allowed some users to modify the color of their chat text
    - Fixed crash on startup caused by corrupt ClientRegistry.blob file
    - Fixed a top crash related to video streaming
    - Fixed an issue with cascading menu items
    - Fixed issue where some game installers cannot write to the registry
    - Fixed screenshots sometimes not showing up in screenshot manager when copied from another Steam installation
    - Big Picture: Fixed left/right navigation of game related sections in the in-game overlay
    - Big Picture: Fixed default font used by the in-game overlay
    - Fixed launching 64-bit games and applications
    - When a friend's status changes multiple times consecutively, only the last change will be shown (ie "Friend is now Online", "Friend is now Away" messages)
    - Fixed Windows error message "Disk not ready" in game install wizard
    - Made the preview image for guides smaller in the overlay
    - Caching guide preview images when viewed in the overlay
    - Added Ctrl+A select-all for system info text

    - Greatly reduced CPU usage and power consumption
    - Fixed command-W and other keyboard shortcuts
    - Fixed bugs with window management and the Window menu
    - Fixed leaks which caused memory usage to increase over time
    - Added partial support for Retina displays
    - Fixed bug with tooltips showing through Windows
    - Notification popups now respond on the first click
    - Web page views no longer freeze up after clicking and dragging the mouse
    - Clicking the dock icon now brings all Steam windows to the front

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