Steam Client Update Released

A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.


- Added rate-limiting of Steam game downloads, via Settings -> Downloads
- Added "View" button to the downloads page for workshop items that shows you which items have been updated
- Fix client update-loops caused by inconsistent server and proxy-cache states
- Friends will now show an icon next to their Online status to indicate if they are using Big Picture Mode, Steam Mobile, or Steam Web Chat
- Fixed a rare crash loading certain corrupt jpg images
- Increased font size in chat to improve readability


- Fix handling of http_proxy environment variable http:// prefix in some instances
- Overlay enable hotkey now handles more shifted keys correctly
- Most-recently-played tray menu will not have an extra separator if no games have been played

Big Picture:

- Workaround which fixes common D3D internal crash introduced by IE10/KB2670838 on Windows 7
- Added activate product on Steam path to Big Picture
- Fixed focus order of elements in Library Details view after Workshop
- Fixed opacity mask flash on transition in and out of main menu
- Implement native Steam Service install dialog on game launch if needed to avoid desktop dialog appearing
- Windows: Avoid more context changes in rendering for small perf improvement on low end hardware