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    A new Steam Client update has been released and will be automatically downloaded. The specific changes are listed below.


    - Fixed a possible UI hang at startup
    - Improved reliability for Steamworks P2P networking
    - Added multi-pass retry logic for Steam client updating process
    - Added the ability to temporarily override the download bandwidth limit when launching a game that needs updating
    - Removed “Approximate speed of your connection” selector from Settings->Downloads. This was only used to set a default “rate” setting for some Valve and Source Engine games. The default rate value is correct for almost everyone and the value should be adjusted in each game if appropriate going forward .
    - Fixed game update issue when an unexpected folder exists in the install directory and we need to replace it with a file
    - Fixed restoring game backups for Half-Life and Half-Life 2 engine based games
    - Fixed picking the wrong Steam Library folder for games with dependencies on already installed games
    - Fixed a case where the toast from an incoming chat message would show an older message instead of the most recent
    - Improved “Time remaining” calculation when downloading or updating games
    - Fixed Half-Life mods running the incorrect binary on OSX/Linux
    - Fixed desktop dialog layout when running an install script
    - Increased the size of Big Picture and Steamworks API HTTP caches on disk, but also added a 10k file per cache upper limit on individual file count regardless of total disk space used
    - Improved reliability of store/community web auto-login inside the client in some unusual HTTP proxy environments
    - Linux: Fix shift and control key state sticking sometimes, such as during screenshot selection

    Big Picture:

    - Fixed a case where footer buttons could double activate and trigger the activation failure sound erroneously
    - Added support for purchasing subscription based games
    - Fixed a case where input focus could escape modal dialogs incorrectly
    - Fixed a rare crash if running Big Picture and alt-tabbed to another non-Steam and non-game window while Steam is trying to show a notification
    - OSX/Linux: Fix for re-sizing Big Picture after a game changes the screen resolution

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