Steam Client Update Released


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Nov 8, 2006
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A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed friends chat and other UI being visible when authorizing an in-game mictransaction

  • New Steam Chat
    • Unread messages or active voice chats will now update your Steam tray/taskbar icons to indicate these states
    • When displaying a Steam store link in a chat window, extra information about the game, such as screenshots, video and price, are now displayed in the chat history

  • Windows
    • Significantly improved performance and decreased memory usage for HTML based UI (Store, Community, etc) in the main Steam desktop window

  • Steam Input
    • Added the ability to change controller type in the “Define Layout” screen. This only affects the glyphs and configurations recommended for the device and the limits of whatever low-level API the controller is read through still apply. For example if a PS4 controller is currently treated as an Xbox controller because of a driver or non-Steam Input remapping software presenting the device over Xinput reclassifying it to a PS4 controller will only correct the glyphs and the gyro/trackpad will not work.
    • Fixed an issue with devices with digital triggers and buttons bound to trigger outputs
    • Added Steam Input per-game settings to the desktop client’s game properties page.

  • In-Home Streaming
    • Streaming from Mac OS X Mojave is currently disabled

  • Big Picture Mode
    • Added the new chat functionality to Big Picture Mode. If you’re using a custom Big Picture Mode controller configuration please update to the new recommended configuration under Settings->Base Configurations->Big Picture Mode. Hit X/Square to browse configurations and apply the recommended configuration.
    • Added "Invite to Game" action to Big Picture chat
    • Chat scaling is now done automatically based on whether Big Picture is running on a large monitor (>40" diagonal) or running in VR with the option to override regular and VR scaling settings individually
    • Default chat controller bindings for Steam Controller/Xbox are:
      • Left Trackpad/Stick: Scroll the UI, press to show/hide the friends list
      • Long press of joystick/D-pad press:
        • Up: Invite currently selected chat friend to game
        • Down: Close the current chat tab
        • Left/Right: Switch between chat tabs
      • Right Trackpad/Stick: Mouse cursor, press to show/hide the on-screen keyboard
      • X: Accept game invite from friend
      • Y: Start/end voice chat
      • B: Exit chat panel
      • A: Select item under cursor
      • Start: Submit entered text
      • Back: Open emoticon list
      • Left Bumper: Switch to web browser
      • Right Bumper: Return to main menu
      • Left Trigger: Open context menu under cursor
      • Right Trigger: Click/double click at cursor

  • VR
    • The VR overlay keyboard is now opened when the Show Keyboard button is activated
    • Added a Back button to the left of the Show Keyboard button that shows while running in VR