Steam Client Update Released

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.

  • Fixed display of the Update News and other popup dialogs w/ GPU accelerated rendering disabled
  • Fixed size of content in Update news dialog when running with Windows text scaling >100%

  • Steam Input
    • Change the "add command" and "add subcommand" options to take you directly to the binding screen
    • Fixed an issue introduced in a recent update to the old Big Picture configurator causing the names of new virtual menu bindings to be displayed incorrectly
    • Fixed controllers being treated as Xbox One controllers by default when defining their layout
    • Fixed the L3/R3 buttons not being detected for some third party PS3 controllers
    • Added Left and Right Stick Deflection as an option for Gyro Activation Buttons. Stick deflection is no longer considered a part of "Touch" (Cap Sense) on SteamDeck.
    • Fixed rumble for Switch Pro Controllers attached over USB

  • New Big Picture Mode
    • Fixed display of the new Big Picture Mode window with w/ GPU accelerated rendering disabled
    • Added confirmation dialogs for the power menu options to restart and shutdown your PC
    • Fixed a case where switching Virtual Menus w/ an action set, layer, or modeshift could cause them to stop working in the new Big Picture Mode overlay
    • Fixed crash when touching gift or new inventory item notification
    • Fixed "show password" toggle to show/hide the password
    • Fixed On Screen Keyboard no longer showing when requested by the game or Proton
    • Fixed an issue where context menus would not properly highlight focused items
    • Fixed crash when exiting a 1-on-1 voice chat
    • Fixed an issue where notification toasts would fail to appear

  • Remote Play
    • Fixed getting the wrong personalization (colors, etc.) for streaming PS4 controllers
    • Fixed streaming Bluetooth controllers not turning off

  • Linux
    • Fixed overlay causing crashes on some native games (Borderlands 2)