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Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by noes42, June 1, 2008.

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  1. noes42

    noes42 New Member

    Hey this is my first post! I have downloaded undead patch 3,00 by SASIO but every time I try to download it is says: "server is to busy, try again in a few minutes?" What should I do for download big games? Some of the small games I can download, like Bejeweled 2, but not the big one. can somebody give me a tutorial to GCF's, or something that work, please help, thank you.
  2. Toxik

    Toxik New Member

    Thanks titan, I needed that also.
  3. qwerty123

    qwerty123 FS Member

    it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]
  4. deltatsunami

    deltatsunami New Member

    Um. No.
    There are probably only three games you can download from steam servers when you used cracked steam. The reason is because since you have no records of purchasing the game, you can not access the server.
  5. sherry

    sherry New Member

    yeah rofl!
    ...but is there really no way by using cracked/patched steam to download games like devil may cry?
  6. not unless u have part of that gcf/ncf already in steamapps folder
  7. TwistedFate

    TwistedFate Respected

    undead patch never works for me i r sad panda
  8. .ISO

    .ISO FS Member

    TF, don't bump threads, the guy has already solved his problems
  9. TwistedFate

    TwistedFate Respected

    lol look @ the power hungry kid fucking rifk
  10. Andy1

    Andy1 FS Member

    Then use SMD ;) Then it is 100% working for you
  11. Reflector

    Reflector Full Member

    Why was this brought up again? There was no reason for the above post not to mention the topic was revived a week after the problem was solved.
  12. Kiril946

    Kiril946 New Member

  13. Spark'n

    Spark'n New Member

    Does anyone know where I can download the newest version of the undead patch? I know you could on this site before the new look but I've been looking around this site and I can't find anything.
  14. .ISO

    .ISO FS Member

    Get SMD, udndeadpatch is sooo old and semi-broken
  15. Spark'n

    Spark'n New Member

    thanks, but 2 questions.1.what is SMD? Is it like the undead patch? and 2. can i get SMD on this site and if so where? I find this site really hard to navigate. Thanks in advance.
  16. Jake

    Jake Full Member

    25 posts are your pals
    nuff said....
  17. XxDementeixX

    XxDementeixX FS Member

    LMFAO. Aint Jake a beeotch.
    But still, post moar plz :D
  18. sabat1

    sabat1 New Member

    cool ill try it
  19. .ISO

    .ISO FS Member

    stop spamming, you didn't even read the the thread
  20. Zkid12

    Zkid12 FS Member

    aww.. But yay too!
  21. actually, i have a different crack for steam, and i've downloaded 27 games and 2 tools so far.:D i just randomly try to install stuff until i find something that downloads
  22. that1h4k0r

    that1h4k0r New Member

    Hey, i know this post is kinda old but how can i get a cracked steam account that works on VAC servers? I think i read somewhere that cracked cafe accounts let u do that. how do i get one of those accounts?
  23. victoryshot

    victoryshot FS Member

  24. baz418

    baz418 New Member

    here is a list of downloadable games try it :
    7 Wonders ll
    7 Wonders Treasures of Seven
    Age of Chivalry (HL2 Mod)
    Amazing Adventures: Around the World
    Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb
    America's Army 3 (Free Game) (NEW)
    Arx Fatalis
    AstroPop Deluxe
    Bejeweled 2 Deluxe
    Bejeweled Deluxe
    Bejeweled Twist
    BigMoney Deluxe
    Bookworm Adventures Deluxe
    Bookworm Deluxe
    Chuzzle Deluxe
    Codename Gordon
    Counter-Strike: Source
    Dark Messiah Might and Magic Single Player
    Darkest Hour (Red Orchestra MOD)
    Day of Defeat
    Day of Defeat: Source
    Deathmatch Classic
    Discovery! A Seek and Find Adventure
    Dynomite Deluxe
    Dystopia (HL2 MOD)
    D.I.P.R.I.P. Warm Up (HL2 MOD)
    Elf Bowling: Hawaiian Vacation
    Escape Rosecliff Island
    Eternal Silence (HL2 MOD)
    EVE Online: Apocrypha
    Feeding Frenzy 2 Deluxe
    Garry's Mod
    Half-Life 2
    Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
    Hammer Heads Deluxe
    Heavy Weapon Deluxe
    Iggle Pop Deluxe
    Insaniquarium Deluxe
    INSURGENCY: Modern Infantry Combat (HL2 MOD)
    Little Farm
    Luxor 2
    Luxor 3
    Luxor Amun Rising
    Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife
    Mare Nostrum (Red Orchestra MOD)
    Money Tree
    Mr Robot
    Mystery P.I.™ - The Lottery Ticket
    Mystery P.I.™ - The New York Fortune
    Mystery P.I.™ - The Vegas Heist
    Ninja Reflex: Steamworks Edition
    Opposing Force
    Peggle Deluxe
    Peggle Extreme
    Peggle Nights
    Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One
    Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode Two
    Pizza Frenzy Deluxe
    Planet Busters
    Plants vs. Zombies
    Poker Superstars II
    Rag Doll Kung Fu
    Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 (Needed to play the MODS)
    Ricochet: Lost Worlds
    Rocket Mania Deluxe
    Sam and Max Episode 4
    Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch
    Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of Athena
    Smashball (HL2 MOD)
    Synergy (HL2 MOD)
    Talismania Deluxe
    Team Fortress 2 - to install CLICK HERE
    Team Fortress Classic
    The Office
    The Wizard's Pen™
    Typer Shark Deluxe
    Wik™ & The Fable of Souls
    Venice Deluxe
    Zen of Sudoku
    Zombie Panic! Source (HL2 MOD)
    Zuma Deluxe
  25. cv35tankette

    cv35tankette New Member

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