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i got banned like a few months ago and i just got back on today and i wanted to play it.
can anyone help me . also i have a private keygen . i generated the keys but i dont know how to test em.
maybe we can trade keys for something ;) (im not trading the keygen)
so please help
much appreciated
Do you know anything about steam? Did you have a legit account and is that the account that your saying got banned? If it's a banned account, you won't be able to play on VAC 2 servers anymore. There are bypass methods ie p3ng3l's VAC 2 bypass, but they're just a macro for joining a game.

As for your keys... You just have to click "Activate a steam product" (or something like that) on the main steam interface. Then enter your key ;)

If you want me to test 1 key I could... seeing as I helped you... :p ;)
It depends what keys you are talking about, generally keys generated by keygen wouldn't work.

To test the keys, launch steam and create a blank account then test it out.
Tiger12 are just refering to the "Keysteam" macro by p3ng3l? Because it sounds like you are and if so... That's not private and your odds are 1:10000000000+ in getting a valid key. The time you waste waiting could be used to go work casual and buy about 10+ steam games.
omg you dont get it i meant by

someone trading me 1 good key for like 1000 cs keygens keys

u understand or shud i go (slower) i dunno why u guys dont understand.
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