Steam premium pack

My last steam account with that many games.
Selling price 20$ :)

For people who has been buying from me lately can get that acc for 17$

you should really show the status of the games because atm there is no way to tell if DoD:S is preloaded or actully on the account.
Well arent they stolen :confused:. Coz didnt you bought the accoutn stealer from some1 here and now you offering the accounts? :confused:. Well. I hope for you that the Accs arent stolen ;).
Yes they are stolen he sold me one and it got recovered. And i'm still waiting for him to give me another(2 weeks + passed)
Well dont hold your breath kakosoe, doubt very much youll get an account. The seller in this case is just a FS member so i wouldnt trust, i have backup for my decision and thats the fact you had an account which is now not usable.
Im not saying dont buy from ordinary members just be careful in the future and get to know members befor you go ahead with transactions which involve money.
kk first of all
kakoes yes your account got owned but u got your keys back. so no 1 owes nothing.
second of all i am trusted/aproved by WW3 and Echo i got my own site run by fs network
third of all i am mod at Epic Hacks :: The Hacking Revolution - Counter-Strike, Battlefield, Source, Half-Life, Day of Defeat, Call of Duty that run by ww3/echo
If u dotn trust me pm ww3/echo i sold lots of accs to lot sof ppl.
Why the fuck would i scam u.

Heir bigger image of games it got.



o hours pass t 2 weeks
wont get banned.

and yes it got dod:s on acc.
You dont had to show us a bigger pic of the games. We meant show us a pic, that the games arent just pre loaded! Show us the Status!