steam rip 2 help


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i neeed help with steam rip to downloaded it but i dont know what to do know says something about steamapp :S all i want to do is play css!!

If you have CSS installed on your computer, open up steam rip, go to the options window, where it says find steam apps, click browse, and find this directory: C:/Program Files/Valve/Steam/Steam Apps/

And leave everything else the way it is.
And you are done =]

If you do not have CSS installed, find you game's GCF here:

Download it and put it in the steam apps directory that I mentioned before.

Hope it helps!
Go to your steam directory and get to the steamapps folder. The files you need should be in there. I'll help you do this step by step. Provide a screenshot to show that you know what you are doing.

If all the required .gcf files are in that folder, fire up steamrip and browse to the location of the steamapps folder. Once you are there, press enter/ok. The most important thing is that you need all the required files to run CS: S.
I have a problem with SteamRip 2 and Counter Strike Source also with Steam Buster V1999
If i start CSS the game crashes (SteamBuster) and with SteamRip i get a Blackscreen in CSS but i can click on the buttons and i can hear a sound but all is black ^^
But Half Life 2 works fine on SteamRip an Steambuster

*sorry for my english, it isn't the best*
I've encountered that black screen but still hear sounds problem before. I just had to get CSS to start in a lower DirectX level.