Steam Un-Disabled My Account


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I Emailed them and they un-disabled my account. Pretty decent of them to do something like that.

My original email to steam:


I recently installed windows vista and around a month later I wanted to play some games on steam so I downloaded steam, Installed, Updated and went to login, I entered my username:

[This was my account username]

and the password and it comes up with a little box saying "This steam account has been disabled"

I haven't cheated on that account so I was wondering if there is anything I can do to get it back or was wondering why it got disabled.

I have the CD Key's for all the games I registed if needed.


They then asked me to take pictures of my CDKeys with my username ontop of the stickers and then they un-disabled my account. Pretty sweet. I dont have to buy all the games again.
wow thats cool do you think it will work with accounts that have been bought via the net? like with a credit card
You can un disable your account at anytime if you have the CD Key Pics.
usually they disable if the account has been hijacked but my friends got his disabled for cheating as well...not sure why they didnt just vac ban tho.

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