"Steam/Valve Hacked" - The Report

Discussion in 'Steam Discussion' started by WorldWarIII, April 18, 2007.

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    The Full Report on what happened to Valve

    Maddoxx and cIntx both hacked in Valve's Cafe & Billing System. Through this they were able to steal a lot of info such as Credit card information and more. Also, many cafe files, if not all were stolen. They made a public release of these files, however they were deleted off RS.com, but left out a select few. So for the most part, no damage was done to anyone publically, but just know cIntx and maddoxx have access to that type of information. They can easily control cafes, and shut them down.

    I give a lot of credit to cIntx for being able to do this, but either way, kind of scary lol.
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