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    We've been nothing but amazed by the player creations that have popped up since we introduced modding to Don't Starve. Now it's easier than ever to create and install mods for Don’t Starve to change your game and share with the community.

    What does that mean? Well, a lot of things. Add in custom characters, play with the world generation, create new creatures and items, or take your adventure in a whole new direction! Using our handy-dandy Mod Upload Machine you can put your mods directly onto Steam Workshop for everyone to download and enjoy.

    -Steam Workshop support has been added! You can install mods directly from Steam, and enable and disable them in-game.
    ‚Äč-Translations can now be distributed as mods. See sample mod at:
    -Many modding API additions including access to world gen, brains, cookpot recipes and more! There is a full list of these changes, as well as other mod-specific changes, over in the modding forum at:

    -New Level: The Ruins!
    -The abandoned ruins of a once great civilization is now in the second level of the Caves.
    -Discover the cause of their demise while you explore five new areas within the ruins.

    -You will come across ancient clockwork monsters in the ruins.
    -The terrifying Ancient Guardian lurks within the labyrinth.
    -Beware of ambush! The Dangling Depth Dweller spider has been added.

    -New crafting tab: Ancients!
    Discoverable Items:
    -Slurper Pelt
    -Green Gems
    -Broken Clockworks
    -Nightmare Lights
    -Ancient Pseudoscience Station
    -Ornate Chests
    -Thulecite Walls
    -Wilds Pond
    -Craftable Items:
    -The Pick/Axe: Dual functionality!
    -Magiluminesense: Light the way while keeping your hands and head free for activities!
    -The Lazy Explorer: Don't like walking? This staff is for you!
    -Construction Amulet: See all the inefficiencies in your crafting.
    -Thulecite Medallion: Track the ebb and flow of ambient magic levels.
    -Belt of Hunger: Keep all that important food inside you!
    -Thulecite Suit: Protection from things hitting you.
    -Thulecite Club: Hit things!

    -Keep track of your deaths in the new Morgue Screen.
    - See more at:

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