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SteamEmu 3.76 Errors // Need help

Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by tactics, October 27, 2007.

  1. tactics

    tactics New Member

    Alright, ive been having a couple of problemns with Dj_Asim's client ; "SteamEmu 3.76"

    I made a new account to test this so its fully blank like he said in there so results of errors maybe someone can help hopefully :

    1) I didn't get a SteamEmu.ini file in the .rar

    2) I made a shortcut of TeamFortress2 on my desktop and i clicked it, and it tried to update it, and after it hit 100% it said "ERROR: unable to open SteamUI.dll for writing (errno =" And i have fully updated my steam i checked for it too.

    3) When you said if right GCF's cannot be mounted for the game specify the applcation by useing '-appid xxx' does the xxx mean the file in your /games folder like i.e(teamfortress.gcf ; than ; -appid teamfortress.gcf or go into properties of team fortress and change the word 'application' with 'appid' ??

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