SteamUp! 2010 - April 7th 2010

Dr. naomai

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First off, let me say that I am new to this site, so commence noob calling in
Okay, so my actual question is: What do you people mean when you say the word "Apps"? As in the games? Are they files to play the games, like these GCF's that are here? My other question is: With this program, and the appropriate GCF's, is it possible to download ANY game?


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Whats the point of this if every great game is not able to be installed and played anyone know how i can get Dragon age: Origins and the exp pack?


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OMG this is ftw! it totally works! i can download gmod now :D although i have a question. After i download the games i want, can i launch regular steam (not steamup) will the games i downloaded & installed work/show up?


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ok, I'm new here ... yeah first off i appreciate all of the hard work the creator put into this.
soooo... i understand how to install SteamUp! but not to install/play the games....

You can play every game, you can not download it. There is a difference.

so from what you said i can just play the games... now how can i do that?
it constantly gives me the "Steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request" when i try to download and i try again in few minutes, hours, over luck...


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Gives me an error that says "Please configure the application you wish to launch" Any help?
EDIT: Never Mind fixed it
Another EDIT: Gives me server error how do I play the games?


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SteamUp! v1.44

And what to do with it?

No, steam (original) will show only the games, what you really own.
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thank you sooo much and for every one who has errors try another client it works and i love this so much now i can play almost every game who ever made steam up is my new hero


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SteamUp! v1.44

Great thing, can you do a 2011 update with new games like Portal 2?

EDIT: I downloaded a .GCF but when I start SteamUp it says Download starting and if I click PLAY a pop-up with "Servers too busy." comes up-


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SteamUp! v1.44

If you don't trust it, create a new account, like me! (well, i did trust it, but I didn't want the steam pplz to ban my real account if they found out)
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I like it, but when I play TF2 I can't do anything with my loadouts, as I get the error message "Cannot connect to Steam"

Any way to fix this?


Basically all of them, but for most of them you will need to have the GCF/NCF for them. You can learn more about this in some of our threads around here.


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Hey I have CSS downloaded seperatly and installed, is there anyway that I can use Steamup! to update CSS so i can play it? I didnt download it through Steamup, through a torrent :p

EDIT: None of the CSS GCFs are working for me and ive tried like 4 or 5.


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I think i have come up with a way to bypass the 'Steam Servers Are To Busy'. Someone with server making skills, could make a server, patch into a cracked steam, and host all the downloads off that.

Would that work??


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tnx bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i got call of duty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
black ops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):)
bo ya


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it works 4 me thanks bro to share this such a amazing thing :)

SteamUp! v2.1.2 - Sept 29th 2009

works like acharm with windows 7 ultimate 64 bit. only launcher so far i came across that worked for me, even undead didnt work !
yeah u r ryt even undead didnt work

bro i cant join any steam server and i cant add my frds on steam :(

it says fake client connection idle for 8 sec something like that :(
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Okaaaay..... why i can't do thisss...
i follow instructions aaand nothing...

connecting to steam acc........................ and nothing, then i turn my task manager and end proccess


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YES!!!! SOMEBODY who listens and UNDERSTANDS ;)
(Note: knew this AGES ago but it seems it takes a long time for some people to realise)
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To understand how this is working you should R E A D. Prabobly i can do this ;).
Btw. I have one little problem. I downloaded Red Orchestra 1, Garry's Mod and Counter Strike Codition Zero and my question is - can I play online in this games? Maybe I should downloaded some launcher or emulator? I gonna read about this yet but maybe somebody help me before I find the solution.



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I put in the GCFs in my steamapps folder, but when I launch steam via the launcher.exe it shows up yellow is and asks me to purchase it

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