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Sub command at 100%

Discussion in 'GCFs/NCFs ( Game Files )' started by jph2, February 1, 2007.

  1. jph2

    jph2 New Member

    Hi, sorry for my english, I'm french...

    Yesterday i have test an idee... I have see in my steamapps that more games are same that retail version if we have the ncf of the game..

    So i have instal subcommand version in my steamapps folder and apply the last patch...

    I launch pactseam, the game is at 98%...

    I go to my common folder, and subcommand folder... I copy the subcommand.exe and rename it by TestAPP.exe (in my common folder their is so subcommand.exe and testapp.exe.)

    I lanuch pacsteam, the game is 98%...

    At 2PM i go to work, at 10PM, when i go to my house subcommand is at 100%... I dont understand what but the game have downloading 2% and i have the games at 100% ^^


    the game is in franch.... it's work..ENJOY!!!

    I will test with fleet command and shattered union (i have the ncf and i will try to instal in in my common folder...)

    Bonsoir a tous vivement que l'on ai tous les jeux steam [​IMG] ( pour ceux qui comprennent ^^)
  2. {FS}p3ng3l

    {FS}p3ng3l New Member

    wow thx, but i will move it to gcs/ncfs!
  3. TripseV

    TripseV [ Respected ]

    Works as in works on VAC servers?
  4. Seker

    Seker Guest

    ncf games on vac ? uh yea sure >.>

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