Substance Designer Update Released

An update to Substance Designer 3 has been released.
The update will be applied automatically when you restart Substance Designer 3.
The major changes include:

- Fixed: PSD files wasn't reload correctly when modified outside the application
- Fixed: Application sometimes crashes when deleting nodes
- Fixed: Crash when moving multiple image resources from resource sub folder to the package folder
- Fixed: The default value of an exposed value created from another exposed value isn't set correctly
- Fixed: Wrong online documentation HTTP link
- 3D View:
- Add new menu action to remove all scene materials
- Add new menu action to rebuild all scene materials
- Improve GLSL shaders compatibility
- Add 'properties' fields to the techniques described in the GLSLFX files. (See Tessellation/Parallax shader)
- Enable/disable blending and face culling
- Specify blending functions
- Specify culling mode
- Fixed: Removed materials always reappeared when opening the mesh resource again
- Fixed: No shader files was displayed when selecting extension filter (*.cgfx *.glslfx)
- Fixed: Materials still remains in the list when switching between multiple scenes
- Fixed: Scene parameters (lights, background color, ...) were not preserved when switching from generators (cube, cylinders, ...) to a FBX scene
- Fixed: Wrong file name displayed in the geometry menu when loading a scene from file
- Fixed: Opacity isn't taking in account when using the Tessellation/Parallax Shader
- Fixed (Windows): Application crashes when losing the D3D Device. (ScreenSaver, Sleeping modes, ...)
- Fixed (MacOsx): Glsl shaders are always disabled in the shader sub menu
- Fixed (MacOsx): The view is blinking when moving the camera
- Fixed (MacOsx): On some hardware application crashes when trying to render scene with GLSL shader
- Graph View:
- Add possibility to save the graph's package with CTRL+S from the graph view and from the contextual menu
- Fixed: Missing Node Finder button in tool bar of FXMap Graph and Function Graph
- Fixed: Reset Timings menu is empty in tool bar of FXMap Graph and Function Graph (menu removed as no timings is displayed)