Supreme Commander 2 Demo Now Available, Shipping with Steamworks

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    SQUARE ENIX and Valve today announced an agreement to power the PC version of Gas Powered Games' Supreme Commander 2 (SC2) with a collection of Steamworks features and offer the title electronically to over 25 million gamers playing via Steam.

    Supreme Commander 2 is an upcoming sequel to Supreme Commander where players experience brutal battles on a massive scale by creating customizable armies to try and change the balance of power at any time. Supreme Commander 2 is being developed by Gas Powered Games in Redmond, WA.

    Both the retail and electronic versions of Supreme Commander 2 for the PC will be powered by Steamworks, providing gamers with auto-updating, Steam Achievements, Steam support for in-game DLC, and more.

    The Supreme Commander 2 demo is available now, and the game is available for pre-purchase. SC2 is slated for worldwide release the week of March 1st at retailers and via Steam. More information about Supreme Commander 2 can be found at

    Steamworks is a complete suite of publishing and development tools -- ranging from product key authentication to social networking services -- offered free of charge to publishers and developers.

    For more information, please visit

    [​IMG]The Supreme Commander 2 Demo is now available on Steam!

    This riveting, first-look opportunity for consumers will contain two levels of the tutorial as well as two missions for the United Earth Federation (UEF), one of the three factions of the Colonial Defense Coalition.

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