Supreme Commander 2 Update Released

Updates to Supreme Commander 2 have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved path-finding and performance for larger games
  • Navigation fixes for Cybran Protobrain and UEF experimental Transport
  • Range rings for Illuminate Space Temple
  • Rare Desync fix
  • Improved Eyefinity support
  • Victory message for Players in MP game
  • Game type indicator on in-game scoreboard
  • Dead player indication on in-game scoreboard
  • Passworded games for your friends will now show up in the friends tab (see related known issues below)
  • Setting Exclusions in skirmish lobby will no longer reset player choices (color, team etc)
  • New Multiplayer Leaderboards
  • Also added message to players when they leave the chat on Summary screen and on Skirmish
  • Added [TEAM] tag to the messages that are sent to team only
  • Highlight on top scores in summary screenMP UI polish - Multiple fixes and polish throughout the MP menus

Balance and Tuning

  • Proto Brain vision radius increased to 32. Was 10
  • Soul Ripper, Darkenoid, Mega-Fortress and Star King Extreme crash damage set to 5000
  • AC-1000 crash damage increased to 1500
  • Fixed Cybran Gunship strategic icon
  • Space Temple now shows its max range
  • Proto Brain and Star King Extreme navigation radius fixed
  • UEF Gunship RP cost increased to 5. Was 3
  • AC-1000 RP cost decreased to 5. Was 6
  • Wilfindja movement speed increased to 3.6. Was 3
  • Gantry cost reduced to 400m/1300e. Was 450. Build Time reduced to 120. Was 150
  • Decreased UEF Transport AA by 50%
  • Fixed Illuminate Land Radar boost description
  • Reduced Research Station mass cost to 375
  • Megalith Energy cost reduced to 2300. Was 2650
  • Cybranasaurus Energy cost reduced to 4900. Was 5250
  • Urchinow Energy cost reduced to 2100. Was 2550Fatboy Energy cost reduced to 2350. Was 2690

Known issues

  • Joining passworded games via the "Friends" list still not functioning to spec. Joining via standard game list fully functionalDefault games list is currently limited to games hosted in your current Global Steam region. We will be adding a "Show All Regions" button in the next patch. There is currently no limitation on inviting Friends from any region via Steam, however

Coming Soon

  • Ranked 1v1 matches. Currently targeting the end of March. We'll have more info soon