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Discussion in 'The Marketplace!' started by JDBNeFN, March 31, 2008.

  1. JDBNeFN

    JDBNeFN [ Respected ]

    I make scripts for sv_cheats 1 servers and i was wondering if anyone on FS would like to buy some of them.
    Here is a couple of the good ones I sell.

    All source games.

    Basic Scripts.

    Infinate Health $3.00 USD
    Invisibility $2.00 USD
    20% Gravity $1.00 USD

    Medium Scripts.

    Rainbow color changing bubbles. $5.00 USD
    Changing the color of the world. $5.00 USD
    Tornado $10.00 USD

    Advanced scripts.

    Working Rcon and admin Hacking $20.00 USD
    Owned Script $15.00 USD
    3 Diffrent Zombie Scream Scripts. $10.00 USD

    CSS specific scripts.

    Unbinding AWP this will make almost all the keys of whoever pick it up so they need to ctrl+alt+delete to get out of CSS. $25.00 USD
    Working Rcon and admin Hacking AWP this spawns an awp if it is picked up it changes the rcon password and gives you admin. $40.00 USD

    HL2DM specific scripts.

    BUddhakill with crazy effects $10.00 USD
    Color Changing Lightsaber $10.00 USD
    Physgun script $2.00 USD

    You can buy all the scripts i have about 80 in total. for $125.00 USD
    If you are intrested add me to any of these.
    MSN [email protected]
    Yahoo JDBNeFN
    I will do demos if requested and i might get a few screenshots and post them later when I have the time.
  2. maoo

    maoo FS Member

    Looks interesting. BUT!! your asking way too much money for scripts that anyone opening console and knowing what they are doing, can execute them self on a sv_cheats 1 server! (even they can bind them to numpad keys, F1-12 etc and the info required to pull most those scripts off is available in forums).
  3. JDBNeFN

    JDBNeFN [ Respected ]

    Actualy the only ones that you could even find on a forum would be the invisibility and 20% gravity scripts. There was a working takeover script like mine but Valve patched that along time ago, So I made a few new ones that bypass the patch.
  4. vashgs

    vashgs FS Member

    Working Rcon and admin Hacking $40.00 USD

    That interests me. If it's possible then you could do it on any server with a simple sv_cheats bypass. If THAT were possible then you would have taken over so many servers already. I find this to be a bunch of bullshit.
  5. derek48838

    derek48838 New Member

    if that were possible, I would pay you $40 and get myself rich.
  6. vashgs

    vashgs FS Member

    I would like to correct myself. These are all real AND working. Enjoy, guys.
  7. JDBNeFN

    JDBNeFN [ Respected ]

    I lowered the prices to sell more. You can talk to me about lowering prices more when you IM me.
  8. WorldWarIII

    WorldWarIII Guest

    JD, could you PM me with some more details on these please.
  9. Renegade89

    Renegade89 New Member

    Do you have any CS1.6 rcon hacking scripts or are these only source?
    Could you record a video of it working or something too or if anyone buys give feedback.
  10. redskull

    redskull Banned

    LOL i can vouch For this guy i know the person who tough him SOME of this stuff and or helped him with some of these scripts ..., i know how to do the same things or some what close to the same things
  11. vashgs

    vashgs FS Member

    I didn't buy, but I have most of these scripts. They're all working and they're a ton of fun to use. I'd vouch for Ion.
  12. skoop_steam

    skoop_steam New Member

    dude -.- this sucks
    i have played source games and other steam games for 5 years only and i owned a little server and all of thes scripts is very easy to make but the admin hack idk how :confused:
  13. JDBNeFN

    JDBNeFN [ Respected ]

    Well as far as CS 1.6 goes I dont know you cant realy do a whole lot on 1.6 servers with sv_cheats 1.
  14. catdog

    catdog FS Member

    lol, you're selling CHEATS ?? wow :D
  15. JDBNeFN

    JDBNeFN [ Respected ]

    I guess. (If you would call taking over rcon and mani admin a cheat.)
  16. redskull

    redskull Banned

    20 is WAY too low ive sold the working Rcon script for 120+
  17. JDBNeFN

    JDBNeFN [ Respected ]

    WTF who the hell payed that much for rcon hacking? Bill Gates? lol

    I mean like 150 is what it costs for all the scripts I made.
  18. vashgs

    vashgs FS Member

    Hold off on selling these until Dru finishes the shell. Then the scripts won't get leaked.
  19. JDBNeFN

    JDBNeFN [ Respected ]

    well I could have made the program my self by now. LOL
  20. redskull

    redskull Banned

    good point

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