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    MP currently requires you to be logged into Steam. LAN support will be in an upcoming patch.
    Update: Hosts will need to port forward the following ports: 35000, 35001, 27015

    Critical fixes:
    - Converted MP from GameSpy network to Steam network
    - Fixed end turn CTD
    - Fixed post-combat CTD
    - Fixed combat CTD
    - Fixed multiplayer CTDs, including due to updating colony history
    - Fixed CTD on Station Built dialog if station was destroyed during combat phase
    - Fixed being able use hot-keys between turns in MP
    - Fixed allowing hot-keys to change state in build screen when confirming invoice name
    - Fixed being able to enter comparative analysis screen without having seen any enemy ships
    - Fixed Suul'ka leaving when tribute station is destroyed
    - Fixed bug allowing Hivers to build gate stations without the required tech
    - Fixed issues with assimilation plague
    - Fixed client being sent home after 1 invasion mission
    - Fixed not being able to do a strike mission on any system
    - Fixed CTD with getting Suul'ka info
    - Fixed system killer being stuck at a system with a mining station
    - Fixed dev-mode being activated in the design screen

    Other fixes:
    - Improved screen transitions between mission overlays and starmap
    - Tweaked VN planet killer
    - Prevented neutral indy planets from disabling slew mode if a station is next to it
    - Enabled suicide drones to upgrade with warhead tech
    - Disabled operations slider
    - Fixed sound channel issues
    - Fixed Suul'ka voices not being available
    - Fixed auto goop module
    - Fixed 0 level station remaining at a system after the construction mission is cancelled
    - Fixed bug when transferring some assets via relocate
    - Fixed bug that moved police cutters into the defense fleet when a relocation was canceled
    - Fixed bug allowing design attributes from being visible in the ship tool tip before they have been discovered
    - Fixed not being able to relocate to systems when exact number of required CE
    - Fixed display of civilian population in empire manager screen
    - Fixed display issue with rider manager screen
    - Fixed mission turns remaining display issue
    - Fixed scrolling hot keys with mouse wheel
    - Fixed bio war modules not saving bio missile data
    - Fixed bio missiles not getting replenished when the ship is repaired
    - Fixed boarding pods getting stuck when docking with their carrier
    - Fixed slave disks from auto launching when they are full of slaves
    - Fixed weapons ricocheting off of dead sections
    - Fixed missiles from blowing up before hitting their target after researching microfusion tech
    - Fixed bolt weapons from blowing up before hitting planets
    - Fixed "shot gun" style weapon fire so that it fires with a better spread.
    - Fixed chance of fading from sensors when ship is outside of sensor range
    - Fixed interceptor missiles from hitting own ship's shield
    - Fixed formations not updating in auto-resolve
    - Fixed morale high/lows when colonizing a planet after killing off the original inhabitants
    - Fixed bug where fleets could get stuck arriving at a system, but not set to being at the system
    - Fixed not being able to auto target VN collector pods
    - Fixed display issue with rider manager
    - Fixed scrolling hotkey manager with mouse wheel
    - Fixed admiral traits not correctly displaying on admiral info cards
    - Fixed defence assets being stuck in a system after the owning player has been evicted
    - Fixed issue where Zuul AI would create "super" fleets
    - Fixed bug allowing players to access dev design screen
    - Fixed priority issues with Planetary Salvage, should now be more common
    - Fixed being able to enter rider manager with hotkeys when you normally would not be allowed
    - Fixed Zuul node lines disappearing when out of range
    - Fixed issues with special / salvage projects not using up all allocated research credits

    Other changes and additions:
    - Teams
    - Revised empire manager screen
    - Implemented pending/resolving combat screens
    - Implemented free-fly and tracking camera modes that can be toggled in combat
    - Implemented a random ship name feature
    - Implemented tech boosting
    - Implemented special failure events for some tech
    - Implemented right-click weapon fire mode / target filter control
    - Implemented auto-fire for AOE weapons
    - Implemented Zuul minimum 5 overharvest rate
    - Removed 64 bit option
    - Allow time acceleration in MP when only 1 player in battle
    - News events for that turn are now displayed when loading a game
    - Movement psionic now shows range

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