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Sword of the Stars 2 Updated

Discussion in 'Steam Updates' started by FSOwner, January 21, 2013.

  1. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    Critical fixes:
    - AI decision-making tuned.
    - Fixed an end turn CTD
    - UI now handles its memory much better
    - Fixed CTD caused by crit hits list
    - Fixed CTD on completion of reserves transfer
    - Fixed a combat CTD

    Other fixes:
    - Fixed Liir_Zuul battle cruiser not launching assault shuttles
    - Fixed Liir getting battle cruiser sections on cruisers
    - Fixed database handling of unicode characters
    - Fixed not getting research project for super novas
    - Fixed issue where ship toolip would not show up in starmap
    - Fixed frequency of supernovas
    - Fixed node cannons not firing when moving
    - Fixed subverted drones attacking friendly ships after docking
    - Fixed swarm queen not firing
    - Fixed group list not showing up when using the number group select in combat
    - Fixed new fleets not being able to deploy on the turn they were created

    Other changes and additions:
    - Loa fleets now presented with an option to slowboat when deploying missions
    - Can now deploy fleets on missions that are returning home or patrolling
    - Can now order planets in planet manager
    - Selecting a fleet from the fleet list while in the starmap now dulls out stars outside of that fleet's range
    - Many strings exposed for localization
    - Can now cycle systems in the build screen
    - Open localization added. Russia, German, French strings added (DE/FR 80% complete)
    - Change language option added to Launcher app. Game defaults to region, but drop-down will allow change of language.

    Known issues:
    - Old Savegames will continue to use old AI algorithms.
    - Turn times may be slightly longer as we continue to optimize new AI algorithms.

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