Sword of the Stars: The Pit - Mind Games Update Released

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    The Pit: MindGames v.1.1.1s

    - Biome levels optimized, monster spawning correct.
    - All ally issues have been addressed. In theory. Smiley face.
    - Imaginary grenades from imaginary crazy humans no longer do real damage.
    - Psi-boosters are now consumed when used.
    - Psi-war armour now increases Psi power regeneration.
    - Use of Psi powers now increases hunger.
    - Sound data corrected.
    - Range issue with psionic attacks has been corrected.
    - Issue with Psi attacks being automatically successful has been corrected.
    - Ranger corrected, no longer able to equip heavy armour.
    - Fixed floor transition issues.
    - Bank locker issues addressed.
    - Creature tooltip no longer showing when they are invisible.
    - Lifesense reveal of invisible creatures fixed.

    Other Changes and Additions
    - Psionic Skills no longer receive bonus from your Power attribute HOWEVER all psionic skills are now only one point to increase at all times.
    - Bonus recipes!
    - Bonus Canada Day/Independence Day Long Weekend Armour/Armor)!


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