Sword of the Stars: The Pit Update Released

Discussion in 'Steam Updates' started by FSOwner, March 15, 2013.

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    New Additions
    - Two new monsters
    - Five new recipes
    - Four new items
    - Two new weapons

    Critical Fixes
    - Fixed Shrinking Inventory / Dropped Item crash
    - Fixed Projectile crash
    - Fixed equipping/dropped armor crash

    Other Fixes
    - Fixed various outlying issues
    - Greek letters on key-card doors no longer display when door destroyed
    - Characters wearing self-contained armor or who are immune to radiation no longer affected when in an irradiated room
    - Play Again remembers Difficulty setting
    - Fixed Hero SotSwich achievement unlocking prematurely

    Other changes
    - Added reload value to weapon stats
    - Irradiated rooms now show effect for visual warning
    - Tweaks to auto-save to make it more robust
    - Three auto-save slots, one for each character class (meaning you can now have three different games on the go , one for each character)
    - Added mouse targeting for weapons
    - Increased force field belt duration
    - Added access to SotSDex in main menu
    - Decrypted recipes messages now unlock recipes in SotSDex automatically


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