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Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat: Source and Counter-Strike: Source Beta Update Released

Discussion in 'Steam Updates' started by FSOwner, May 27, 2010.

  1. FSOwner

    FSOwner FS Owner

    Updates to Team Fortress 2, Day of Defeat: Source and Counter-Strike: Source Beta have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:


    • Fixed the desktop resolution not appearing in the list of valid resolutions when using windowed-mode.

    Server Browser

    • Fixed a crash caused by leaving the server browser open while playing.


    • Added client/server version check on client connect.
    • Fixed a crash caused by hitting ctrl-alt-del while playing.

    Counter-Strike: Source Beta

    • Added sv_disablefreezecam cvar to turn off the freezecam on a server.
    • Added sv_nonemesis cvar to turn off domination/revenge on a server.
    • Added sv_nomvp cvar to turn off MVP stars on a server.
    • Added sv_nostats cvar to turn off stats on a server.
    • Added avatar images to the scoreboards.
    • Added stats report to scoreboard to show whether a server has stats enabled or not.
    • Fixed achievement tab so it now updates at the time you earn an achievement.
    • Fixed bug causing achievements to be listed as earned in July 2009.
    • Fixed issue where you couldn’t chat during intermission.
    • Fixed player stutter while moving in water.
    • Fixed player stutter when running into other players.
    • Fixed issue that caused footsteps to play when walking.
    • Fixed miscellaneous consistency, spelling and grammatical errors in the string tables.
    • Fixed grenade velocity problems.
    • Updated a few audio effects.
    • Updated scoreboard
      • Changed layout to make it more readable.
      • Changed scoreboard opacity to make the action behind it more readable.
      • Supports Unicode and lowercase letters.
      • Grayed out the names of dead players.

    Team Fortress 2

    • Added community submitted deathnotice icons for the community submitted weapons.
    • Changed the deathnotice text color to use black instead of white when the local player is involved.
    • Fixed domination/revenge messages not using team colors for the player names.
    • Fixed an issue where sequences with an activity weight of 0 never get selected.
    • Updated Koth_Nucleus:
      • Changed side spawn exits to prevent sniping from inside the spawn door.
      • Fixed graphical glitch on platform floor.
      • Fixed blue-colored models in RED area.
    • Updated Tc_Hydro:
      • Added respawn time advantages when a team begins to cap any point. Resets when the cap progress resets.
      • Fixed various nobuild and playerclip issues reported by the community.
      • Removed logic that reduced spawn times based on roundtime.
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