Team Fortress 2 gcf Files!

Discussion in 'Filled' started by Daniel3131, November 4, 2007.

  1. Daniel3131

    Daniel3131 New Member

    I Need gcf Files For Team Fortress 2 !

    Can some one put it on rapidshare and post a link here please :confused:
  2. marcround

    marcround New Member

    ok thats enough spam

    muwahaha fear my spam deleting powers
  3. Daniel3131

    Daniel3131 New Member

  4. k3ithw2007

    k3ithw2007 New Member

    where a link?? i want one 2
  5. Okrean

    Okrean New Member

    I might have some, but you can only play on cracked servers.

    Is that okay?
  6. the cake

    the cake New Member

    yes please
  7. Lukasnz69

    Lukasnz69 New Member

    Could i get a link to the gcf files aswell please ?
    Steam is downloading reaaaaaally slowly =/
  8. PortalX

    PortalX New Member

    gimme too >:)
  9. wad92

    wad92 FS Member

    This request is from 2007.. the game is free now

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