Team fortress 2 problems

Discussion in 'Support & Help' started by chives, June 16, 2010.

  1. chives

    chives New Member

    I'm having trouble with team fortress 2. I download the 6.66 interject or. i had already downloaded the game earlier though torrents. to be honest i really don't know what the undead patch really is. but it got me to the main screen on tf2. i also early put the cracked master sever thing both into steam and tf2 under con fig. so any way when i run the game the console pops up and says
    ShaderAPIDX8::CreateD3DTexture: bla bla bla. and before that something about cheating. any way i go to find sever nothing shows up or it freezes. Any ideas how i could screw this up further ? not really i need help. Thanks for your time !
  2. CommanderEddy

    CommanderEddy FS Member

    Just use Undead patch.
    Download the tf2 from steam.
    And play it on a cracked server. It works for me.
  3. chives

    chives New Member

    how i dowload it from steam with out paying ?
  4. iCatchBrains

    iCatchBrains New Member

    Scroll Down To Steam Up.
    Follow ReadMe (supereasy)

    You'll have all the games you could think of already "purchased" in your library.

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