Team Fortress 2


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I am from Germany xD
I have a question.
What I am needing to play Team Fortress 2 on cracked server??

At the Moment I Have:

-Team Fortress 2 ( Downloaded from Steam at the Pyro Weekend)
-And a cracked Server list

But if I put one server to my favorites and connect there stand server not activ and ohter sh*t.

what must i do??

With Love greetings Neogreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek :D


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1. Server didn't answer = Server down, can't do anything about it unless it have a IP of
2. Different Classtables = your version of the game does not match the server. AKA, either the server or your game is outdated

Try updating your game


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Well if the game is still at 100%, there's nothin u can do about that.
If u have the server owner's email, scream at him and say update his goddamn server. At the moment, you can only wait for the server admins to update. There's nothing else you can do.
BTW, did u install Setti masterserver listing?