Temporary fix for HL1 and steam buster


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The latest update from steam to stop the Ad-Killer in CS has also broken the Hl1 games with Steambuster Rev.
A temporary fix is available for this problem.

If your copy of HalfLife or blueShift keeps quitting to the desktop when run through steambuster then download this file

HL Games fix

and extract it to your steamapps directory replacing the existing file.

Right click the game from the steambuster menu and "Delete the game(without gcfs)".
Now run it in steambuster and enjoy Hl1 games offline again.

PLEASE NOTE: While steambuster works happily with outdated GCFS,
steam will try to "fix" this file when you run it.
no valve update the GCF to stop people using ad killer.

The update GCF doesnt work in SBRev regardless of
wether or not you used the ad-killer.

Basicly if your GCF has been update by valve recently it
will not work in SBRev.

There is another fix available that involves replacing dlls but
its messy and doesnt work for everyone.
It worked for me only 50% of the time