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Hi! I'm a little bit bored, so i thought to open a thread where you all can post your internet connection!

Here is the link to the page -> Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test

I dunno how to post the pic here so here are mine:

Download: Upload:
750kb/s 300kb/s

yip i thought it was pretty fast but now i see your guys and it hurts me inside :( And i have a 3GB cap :(:( now thats something to cry about.
LoL POS Australian internet...


I honestly don't even see the point of having an upload rate if it's that low :p

Mines pretty standard, although ive just DL over 40GB in a month and thave capped slightly. i have a 8megabit connection. Im really fucked because BT give you a shite upload speed.

this is with the better wifi kit, tbh i expected a bit more, but i certainly notice the difference when playing games and browsing, its alot faster.

but theres a prob wif my modem im ment to be getting about 1mbps up, somone is comming out soon to look at it
wow anybody in new york or around there knows verizon is the shittiest isp in the world but its like the only shit around,and fios,our best internet connection could be 3000 times faster and less glitchy but it isnt,so fuck verizon
sk8more yours is hosted on imageshack... get us the speedtest.net one or nobody will believe you. For all we know you could have edited that.
I got 20mb cable (once they upgrade to 50meg end of year I got that too) and best bit of all is this...FREE!!!! ahahaah kpwnt on that :D

If you dont belive me sign pto this forum and read all about how you can do it *Anyone outside Virgin cabled area (Ex NTL, Telewest and C&W), then you cannot do this sorry guys*


Look on fleabay for a sb5100i or sb5101I or sb5101E they are easiest modem to crack open with firmware (you can even go comando and make your own cable or buy one from fleabay for about Ј5, but be warned dont use the blackcat software from any cd that comes with fleabay leads, it is not the full program, only the crack for the real program on the cd's an you can fook ya modem without all the software, just download it from the forum mentioned).

Gd luck and enjoy.

Best thing is, if i antd to blow Ј100 or so I could have modems and be downloading at 80mb :D and when thy went to 50mb I could get 200mb, but don't download anywhere near that much to waste Ј100 on exra bandwith I will never use (not to mention my pc probly won' handle such download speeds, 5200rpm hdd would be too slow).

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