the best gui.. ever..


Bringing Sexy Back!!
recently i installed cevo gui. its sexy. its config makes your shots register like a god. im serious i get 1 shots all the time now. to make it better reinstall cs1.6 by going to games. right click on the game counterstrike and click del all contant. than go to your steam folder than find the counterstrike folder and del it. install cs. than install the gui from trust me. its amazing.
yea but. when you play professional the old score board is better. cause when your flashed i usually click tab so the scoreboard helps me see when im blind. but not a big difference =] also you should see that your reg is better. their rates are the best some screenies :D







sexy :D

they have an advanced help menu =] the blue thing is the help menu [h]
you probobly installed it good. and btw. i play cs professionally, and i would know.... no bullets dont reg good lol... you probobly are horrid at aiming =]
I just reinstalled the GUI
I dont really like the background but its all still good
My bullets reg like a god :p