The Orange Box

Nuke Bomb3r

FS Member
The Orange Box is out! YAY! I am personally excited about portal and team fortress but half-life is good too.

What are your thoughts?
I personally wouldn't pay for them because I don't need to. :p
Team Fortress 2 looks great and Portal looks.. strangely good (i was watching someone play it via msn).

i wanna play TF2.....but i dont want to buy it...and i have no idea how to use these Cafe Accounts people seem to use alot....

POrtal is Great FUN!...although its short and the first like 10 levels a kindergardener could do without thinking.
I'm downloading Portal, HL2: EP2 tomorrow. Not quite sure about TF2.

First of all, I have get rid of the movies on computer that are taking up spaces.
Hi i borrowed the orange box retail disks off my friend. Seen as i can't install it without a cd-key (his won't work DUH). Is there a working Orange box keygen? Or..something i can use to install this?
there are no working keygens for steam games... all of them that they generate are non working ones, or duplicate ones... the chance of getting a real one from a keygen would be 1 in 1000000 or more...