The Scourge Project Update Released

The Scourge Project has been updated and will be on sale for $4.99/4.99в?¬/4.99GBP for the next 10 days.

The update will feature the following list of fixes and improvements:

- Echo AI General improvements.
- Echo AI navigation improvements.
- Teleport problem with someone incapacitated experienced by some client.
- Crash when spamming the “E” key to enter and exit a stationary weapon.
- No auto team selection in multiplayer when coming from a Deathmatch server and entering a server with team based matches.
- Skipping system for Action Mode.
- Substitution of the metadata info from some servers in the server browser.
- Other minor fixes and improvements. Some character deformations experienced by some client in checkpoints 1 and 4 from level 3.
- Sound issues with the dropship experienced by some client.