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ok i got paccafe with all games, but everytime i try to download a game it says "steam servers are too busy, try agaian in a few minutes" or something like that. what's wrong?
Well, steam doesn't know you havea hacked account up to a certain point. But when you send a request to their servers it checks your account against their database to see if you actually own the game. Since you don;t own the game the content servers reject the request. -- In a nut shell, you can't download many games from cracked steam or "paccafe".
Same as Erix but in short version: You cant download all games with Cracked Steam, you need the necesary GCFs/NCFs files for it.
Visit the GCF/NCF section for find the files.
I downloaded a GCF for CSS client, and when i double click on it, it still says its too busy. Help?
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