Torrentleech invites and KIS unlimited trial!

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Ok, I've decided to help freesteam in someway !!!
I have 10 torrentleech invites !!! I can give it to anybody who will get them first !

and KIS unlimited trial ( a trick to have an unlimited keys for 30 days for Kaspersky Internet Security !):

hope i can contribute to the community by telling you how to update kis infinitively without a key
only do this when key's blacklisted, expired or for whatever reason cannot function
1. create a notepad file with following content and save as registry file (by changing extention .txt to .reg)
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

2. disable kis protection by unticking 'SELF DEFENSE' in SERVICE in the settings and fully exit the program
3. double click on the reg file you just created and import it into registry
4. run kis again you'll be prompted to activate, make sure you're online and click for trial version and you're done
NOW tick SELF DEFENSE back up again
repeat this every 30 days and you'll be able to have unlimited number of trials, and use it fully functional forever
(this trick basically resets your license info that kis wrote into windows registry the first time you used it, thus allows for infinitive number of trials)
if you find it helpful please say thank you

people I'm giving way 10 torrentleech invites for free !!! Hurry up !!! before they're all gone !!! and the KIS trick also works without any keys !!!

im not sure it anybody wants to have it, so i will delere this thread in few minutes and nobody wants to get any torrentleech invites for free !

anybody who wants to have an invite just write your email right here in the topic ( do not pm me , please !!! ) and after I should approve your request
Please, I merged your posts together for a reason. It would of been a quadruple post by now. Consider this a verbal warning.

You have got too many Invite topics , its very annoying . learn to use the edit button ffs
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