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    Version v9

    Add: Farm animals (IE. cows, pigs, ...) now need food to stay alive. Townies will bring them food when available
    Add: New savegame functions. From now on all the future builds should be savegame compatible with the old ones. This also will allow us to debug easily savegames from users
    Add: Multiple saves per map
    Add: Keybindings and new shortcuts
    Add: Military items now have a small % to have prefix/suffix when are manufactured by townies
    Add: Holding shift when you sell items to caravans will make it sell in stacks of 10
    Add: Added administration privileges to the game launcher on Windows. This should fix launch issues with some users
    Add: Isometric yetis and froggies
    Add: New bunny hat
    Change: The savegame folder will be .towns/save/ (it will not use the build name as a folder to help the future savegame compatibility)
    Change: Context menus are displayed over the "Mission completed" text
    Change: Townies will not haul from a stockpile to a barrel anymore
    Change: Options are saved every time you make a change on the main menu. The "save options" item has been removed
    Change: The mill building has been removed by a new item
    Performance: Improved hauling and containers access functions. That should remove the lag spikes on bigger towns
    Performance: Improvement in the pathfinding. It will avoid the big increase of memory usage and some lag peaks
    Typo: Gold armor spanish translation
    Typo: "Name's weapon brokes" changed to "Name's weapon broke"
    Typo: Hapiness -> Happiness in the Townies list
    Glitch: Market roof fixed
    Fix: Fluids now fall when you mine the cell under them
    Fix: Some roof priorities changed to "wall construction" priority
    Fix: Glitch with livings walking over road items
    Fix: Scripted sounds (IE. chop) are only played if the camera is in the level where the source is
    Fix: Buildings transparency now works properly
    Fix: Removing fluids with the contextual menu now changes the visibility of the cells below
    Fix: Livings on the fog of war doesn't receive effects
    Fix: If an item dissapears during a task (IE. the low fire extinguishes during the cooking) townies will search for other possible items to use (IE. a stove)

    Modders: and on buildings.xml now accepts comma separated values
    Modders: New tag on livingentities.xml. It contains comma separated items. Used to indicate the possible items a friendly needs to be feed
    Modders: New tag on livingentities.xml. It contains a numerical value. Used to set the number of turns where a living starts to be hungry
    Modders: New tag on livingentities.xml. It contains a numerical value. Used to set the number of turns that a living can survive when hungry


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