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    Version v10b

    Change: Purged human remains can be used to create graves and tombs
    Fix: Crash loading a save that contains "destroy flour" tasks
    Fix: Issue with buildings under construction after the load of a saved game


    Version v10a

    Add: Samurai helmet
    Change: Removed the maxAge from the wild wheat, wild sugar canes and wild bamboo. This way wild plants will not disappear
    Change: Golden haste helmet is now considered a special armor instead of a golden one
    Change: Market roof now uses animal hides to be built (instead of the old blue color)
    Change: Iron bars now allow fluids
    Change: Flood gates now has a glue tag and can also serve as a floor flood door
    Fix: Position of some items in the stock panel
    Fix: Crash when a citizen decides to drop an item when he just died


    Version v10

    Add: Fluid blocking, fluid elevator and fluid allowed items
    Add: Evaporation of fluids
    Add: Wind effect to plants
    Add: Citizens sleeping under a roof will sleep "faster" and they will endure more time during their day
    Add: Town coins on the top
    Add: Flower gathering on the production menu
    Add: New stockpile and container management panel
    Add: New effect applied to food that gives a boost to the citizens' happiness
    Add: New items: Floodgate, fluids elevator, bamboo items, sugarcane items, sugar and cake
    Add: New helmets: Straw hat, wooden mask, golden mask, mayan mask, samurai mask and kerchiefs
    Add: New walls: 3 new stone walls, a new log wall, a wheat wall and a bamboo wall
    Add: New mountains map
    Change: Improved way of droping items to avoid large paths on some cases
    Change: Saved game is stored in a temporary file until the game is completelly saved. This avoids the loss of your progress if the save fails
    Change: Little rest bonus for townies sleeping underground
    Change: Flour burner removed from the menu
    Change: Linux launcher on Steam warns you if the game can't find Java (thanks to Vince D. for testing)
    Change: Brownie village are now can be tilled
    Change: Unifallow feed food changed to cactus fruits
    Change: Human remains will stop ghost spawning after 3 day
    Change: Autoequip now randomise the item to be equipped in order to avoid mass movement to the same item
    Typo: "Wild kootenbeeten" instead of "Wild skootenbeeten"
    Type: "green hat" instead of "Green hat"
    Fix: Main menu issue when the size of the saved games is equals to the game window height
    Fix: Random freeze if the market zone contain walls and a coming caravan decide to move over a wall
    Fix: Underground terrain glitches when loading a saved game
    Fix: Citizens won't skip the chopping tasks when a tree keeper is attacked
    Fix: Falling items won't destroy the ground ones
    Fix: Townies now take into account items in containers when you order them to build an already built item

    Modders: New tag on items.xml. It allows true/false values. Default is false. (Used on the floodgate item and some walls)
    Modders: New tag on items.xml. It allows true/false values. Default is false. (Used on the 2 stone arcs)
    Modders: New tag on items.xml. It allows true/false values. Default is false. (Used on the fluids elevator item)
    Modders: New tag on items.xml. It allows true/false values. Default is false. (Used on the bamboo cans)
    Modders: New tag on items.xml. It allows a numerical value. (Used on the bamboo cans)
    Modders: New tag on effects.xml. It allows a number or a dice (IE. 1d8). (Used on teh cake item)

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