Towns Update Released

Version v12a

Add: An option to tune the CPU level used on pathfinding
Add: Wolfy, queen of werewolves monster
Add: New graphic for the shorn sheeps
Add: Job group name on the townies tooltips and when right click on them
Add: New icon for the special decorative items
Change: Removed the butchering of reindeers from the production panel
Change: Removed the message spam when the taunting trunk casts effects
Typo: "Hobgoblin Khopesh" changed to "Hobgoblin khopesh"
Typo: "Raw reindeer steak" changed to "Raw snoat steak"
Typo: Spanish name for the Nature aid skill
Typo: Spanish description for the candle items
Typo: "Shorn sheep" instead of "Skinned sheep"
Fix: Buried harps, buried purple thrones and buried graves are not sold by the merchants anymore
Fix: Cloth and leather armors have been included to the stock panel
Fix: Shadows over stockpiles and zones on the camera level
Fix: Crash when you scroll down levels past the bottom layer
Fix: Issue rendering cells when you load a non-v12 saved game that contains vertical ladders
Fix: Glitch on the red long flags that face south-west
Fix: Heroes avoiding the level restriction when they don't have new cells to explore