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Discussion in 'Money Making!' started by Etheco, April 2, 2008.

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  1. Etheco

    Etheco FS Member

    Treasure Trooper Offers, One of the best fun and quality paying offer site around.

    Benefits Of Joining:
    1. Payouts Monthly. Minimum ONLY $20 (Paypal Accepted)
    2. 100s of offers beginning at $0.40+
    3. Treasure Hunts every month.
    4. Forum like promotions, where you earn money for just posting!
    5. Games to earn money/items (towards happiness)/and other things.
    6. Over 300 online shops to earn money back on purchases.
    7. Monthly Jackpots, to win over $300.
    8. Daily Surveys, To win extra cash.
    9. Chances to win $50 Vista Gift Card/Ipod Nano/Xbox 360
    10. Being a member of the best Offer site on the net.

    Why wouldn't you want to take advantage of this offer site, It offers 80% more then any other site out there and also has a very high payout for completing offers. Still not quite sold that this site is legit and worth your time.

    My Current Stats:

    And the Proof of what i got paid so far.

    So why wait now? go on go and get them offers started NOW. <-- Take this offer up now.

    Thanks Etheco, I hope you find the benefits of Treasure Trooper very appealing and make that easy money now.

    Any Questions, by all means ask.
  2. Spark'n

    Spark'n New Member

    the offers over now:(
  3. .ISO

    .ISO FS Member

    No shit it is, look at the date
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