Trusted Users - People who are honest and trustworthy


Im a Pro?
If you purchased an item or did a trade with someone and it worked out please list their name here so everyone knows it's ok to buy and trade from them.

I purchased a new camera from Ray, he shipped it quickly and it came in better condition that I thought. Great transaction.
And the Link to the transaction:


Maestro of Meyhem
this thread is useless aslong as you keep that other thread... the do no buy one. You may as well merge them.


Im a Pro?
No this thread is not useless! I asked WWIII and he also found it good. if there are users, who you can trust you, you can post it here! So that these users also get a chance! Not just a DO NOT BUY thread!


kakosoe - very trusted from me :) was very nice and easy to trade with him.. :) such a nice guy..


ScarfacecRO - trusted as well :) had a lot of trades with him ..


Pork is not a Verb
give it time nunucbka. i mean he aint been on since, sooo just give it time and the account will be banned


one of the accounts i bought from him got disabled as well ... so the guy is not really trustworthy


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