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First Part of my Tutorial - Cracking Steam.

I've seen alot of request on how to get free steam games and alot of people asking on the forum "How do I get games for free?". Well I've decided to write a tutorial for the Freesteam Community to help users crack steam and play the games they want.

First Note: This tutorial is designed to Crack steam and enable users to play steam games for free. In no way does this tutorial explain how to play steam games on VAC2 servers. If you wish to do that, buy a legit steam account.

Second Note: I'll be writing in this tutorial how to Crack steam AND how to help users with legit accounts have a cracked account as well.

It is almost always necessary to have a copy of Steam when cracking steam (unless you use a standalone launcher). So let me begin this tutorial by saying...

1. Download a copy of Steam from Steampowered OR directly from Here OR if you already have Steam installed, please move on to step 2.

Side Note: Those people that are wishing to use a legit account as well as a cracked account need to make 2 steam directories. This can be done by simply copying your original steam directory and renaming it "Cracked Steam". This is so you don't get confused later on. Also, if you've copied your original Steam directory, you will want to delete from the newly created "Cracked Steam" directory, your clientregistry.blob AND your legit account information. Your clientregistry.blob is located in the main steam directory and your account information is located similar to here:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\YOUR ACCOUNT

Delete the "YOUR ACCOUNT" folder (which incase you haven't realized will be your legit steam account name and NOT YOUR ACCOUNT).

2. After you have steam installed, you will want to download the "Undeadpatcher". The latest Release can be downloaded from WorldWarIII's post Here
OR downloaded directly from Here

Side Note: The latest version of the patch (Currently) is version 3.30. Do not download any other version.

3. Once you have downloaded the Undeadpatcher, you'll need to place it in your main Steam Directory.

Side Note: The main directory of steam will contain both Steam.exe and steam.dll. For those wishing to use a legit account aswell, you must paste the Undeadpatcher in your "Cracked Steam's" main directory.

4. Time to crack steam! You can follow the instructions below or checkout WorldWarIII's Original post Here
(You can skip steps 1-3 if you followed them above)
1. Download Steam from "http://www.steampowered.com/"
2. Install Steam.
3. Extract "UnDeadPatch.exe" into Steam directory.
4. Launch "UnDeadPatch.exe"
5. Have FUN.

Side Note: For those who are going to use their legit account and a cracked account you will need to create 2 shortcuts. Your 1st shortcut should be a shortcut of Steam.exe from your original (Non-patched) Steam directory. Create a shortcut and rename it "Legit Steam". This is the shortcut you will use when you want to play on your legit account. Your 2nd shortcut will be made from your "Cracked Steam" directory. This will be for your cracked account. Go to your cracked steam directory and create a shortcut from steam.exe and rename it "Cracked Steam". Now copy your shortcuts to your desktop (or desired location) and continue with the tutorial.

Now run Steam and created a new account! Legit steam owners run your "Cracked Steam" shortcut then make a new account (this is now your account to use on cracked steam ONLY). If all goes well you should now see in the "My Games" list ALL (most) of the games available on steam. Now that you've patched steam, you're ready to go play some games!


Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: My cracked Steam needs to be updated what should I do?

1. Delete "Steam.cfg" from Steam directory.
2. Update Steam by launching it.
3. Launch "UnDeadPatch.exe".
4. Again Have FUN.

Want To Play Games But Don't Know How To Get The Files??

Second Part of my tutorial - Getting files to play the games (GCF)

So many of you may think, yeah cracking steam, it's easy, I can do it. But then when you get to go and play a game you find out "Wait... What did I do wrong?" Alot of people use steam cracks then complain that they cannot download the games through steam and they always receive the "Servers Busy" message. There's a way around this and I'm going to explain how to do it all so you can play steam games... For Free!

First of all the type of files we'll be focusing on in this tutorial are GCF files. For those of you who don't know what a GCF file is, I suggest you read THIS before continuing on with the tutorial.

Now that you know what a GCF file is, let's get on with how to find them and use them!

1. Choose the game you want to play on Cracked Steam, remember the name of the game then exit steam completely.

2. Freesteam has it's own section dedicated to GCF files and game files. You can either Search for files Here OR go straight the the GCF section and browse for the files Here.

3. Find the game you want, and download all the GCF files.

Side Note: Alot of people upload their files to hosters such as rapidshare and megaupload. These sites have limits as to how much you can download per the specified time limit. Due to alot of GCF's being large files, you'll have to have a premium account for these hosters in order to get the files quickly. Otherwise you'll be waiting and extremely long time to play the game. I suggest either buying a premium account, or finding files that are hosted on a free host.

4. Once you have downloaded you're GCF files, you'll need to paste them in your Steam Directory. The files should be pasted in a folder located similar to this:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps

Side Note: For Legit owners, your directory would look something like this:
C:\Program Files\Cracked Steam\steamapps

5. Now start up steam and double click on the game you want to play. It should start up and everything should work!

If you have any questions, please post them and I (or one of the freesteam staff) will try to help you :)

Mods If you think this deserves a sticky I would be like this :D

Please do not rip this tutorial! I have spent alot more time then I should have (due to me closing my browser :eek: 3/4 of the way through) and I do not wish to have my work stolen!

I cannot be held responsible for any damage done to you or your computer. By following this tutorial you have agreed that any actions done were done on your own accord and no one else's. Any consequences received for using a cracked steam client are your own doing and cannot be blamed on anyone else bar yourself. Any changes to your Legit/Crack steam account status are influenced by your actions only.

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