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Find what files you need to play your desired game(s).
It's always easier to get a vac banned account off
someone for free to download GCFs from particular
game files.

Download a offline content launcher.
Such as
Steam Buster
Alternativley you could use a "cracked" Steam client
but use with caution if your going to use it with a
legit account. It is recommended you create a
blank/new steam account if you decide to use a Steam patch.

Download the files people have uploaded.
Here is the GCF/NCF/common files category you can use.


Advent Rising FULL NCF + COMMON (14.12.06): http://xeem.to/pYqY28vKUy
Astropop Deluxe FULL NCF + COMMON (22.12.06): http://xeem.to/785XCy9uyr
Bejeweled Deluxe FULL NCF + COMMON (22.12.06): http://xeem.to/xEK7rJR1vl
Bejeweled Deluxe 2 FULL NCF + COMMON (22.12.06): http://xeem.to/8CVJq6RRqI
Big Money Deluxe FULL NCF + COMMON (22.12.06): http://xeem.to/j5Qm6B8fW
Birth of America FULL NCF + COMMON (11.1.07): http://xeem.to/YRAdFczZBV
BloodRayne FULL NCF + COMMON (31.12.06): http://xeem.to/kOpXWB1iL3
BloodRayne 2 FULL NCF + COMMON (1.1.07): http://xeem.to/oMnC2GUsm
Bookwurm Deluxe FULL NCF + COMMON (22.12.06): http://xeem.to/VEb8r1BGqr
Bookwurm Adventures Deluxe FULL NCF + COMMON (5.1.07): http://xeem.to/PkjaNdn7ZJ
Call of Duty 1 + United Offensive FULL NCF + COMMON (18.1.07): http://xeem.to/eSfvYSFxeQ [pw error]
Chuzzle Deluxe FULL NCF + COMMON (22.12.06): http://xeem.to/ptymoXHGK6
Condition Zero FULL GCF (28.12.06): http://xeem.to/cgcdYJGqlS
Condition Zero Deleted Scenes FULL GCF (28.12.06): http://xeem.to/hvXkuV1Rq
Counter Strike FULL GCF (18.1.06): http://xeem.to/PRh5AA2kl8
Counter Strike Source FULL GCF (19.1.07): http://xeem.to/IEHTqdaoeV
Dangerous Waters FULL GCF (13.1.07): http://xeem.to/KT7Qmkov14
Dark Messiah - Multiplayer FULL GCFs (29.1.07): http://xeem.to/eVr4CTjGxu
Dark Messiah - Singleplayer FULL GCFs (21.12.06): http://xeem.to/8XTtVJ7LTI
Darwinia FULL GCF (28.12.06): http://xeem.to/tbsUQGaHre
Day of Defeat FULL GCF (28.12.06): http://xeem.to/nO9dLbzRl
Day of Defeat : Source FULL GCF (21.12.06): http://xeem.to/iKYXO2mRhx
Deathmatch Classic FULL GCF (21.12.06): http://xeem.to/6Ui6KBYaHr
Defcon FULL NCF + Common (28.12.06): http://xeem.to/5QYZ7Rswl7
Disciples II Galleans Return FULL GCF (30.12.06): http://xeem.to/bIQfQkV5G
Disciples II Rise of the Elves FULL GCF (30.12.06): http://xeem.to/ZnHcIILZRQ
Dynomite Deluxe FULL NCF + Common (22.12.06): http://xeem.to/xF8Pnnnjl8
Eets FULL NCF + COMMON (29.12.06): http://xeem.to/PnjNTuPYCD
Feedingfrenzy 2 Deluxe FULL NCF + Common (22.12.06): http://xeem.to/Wfz7sRIXow
FlatOut 2 FULL NCF + Common (12.1.07): http://xeem.to/3adM7HOxdN
Garrys Mod 10 FULL GCF (18.1.07): http://xeem.to/1XmXT43PTj
Ghost Master FULL NCF+Common (10.1.07): http://xeem.to/EeWyTgZuec
GTI Racing FULL NCF+Common (9.1.07): http://xeem.to/pozyc8pKhb
Gumboy Crazy Adventures + Features FULL NCF+Common (31.12.06): http://xeem.to/SUAGr6Aahq
Gun FULL NCF+Common (6.2.07): http://xeem.to/vmhtOWyiZM
Half Life FULL GCF (29.12.06): http://xeem.to/xd24pmiUQB
Half Life 2 FULL GCF (22.12.06): http://xeem.to/HusoG4guFi
Half Life 2 Deathmatch FULL GCF (18.1.07): http://xeem.to/Hak8x6V8XD
Half Life 2 Epidsode 1 FULL GCF (29.12.06): http://xeem.to/FuMK8ln3FN
Half-Life Deathmatch: Source FULL GCF (1.1.07): http://xeem.to/8B7iXzOUcg
Half-Life Blue Shift FULL GCF (1.1.07): http://xeem.to/244gbvCU9Z
Half-Life Source FULL GCF (1.1.07): http://xeem.to/OUZyIQwtL
Half Life 2 Lost Coast FULL GCF (4.12.06): http://xeem.to/oWOwwqhsYA
Hammerheads Deluxe FULL NCF + Common (22.12.06): http://xeem.to/Gjbn4z2Pbw
Heavy Weapon Deluxe FULL NCF + Common (28.12.06): http://xeem.to/oo1EjcNft4
Igglepop Deluxe FULL NCF + Common (22.12.06): http://xeem.to/vo29fCWemw
Insaniquarium Deluxe FULL NCF + Common (22.12.06): http://xeem.to/GKT2ob7DKe
Iron Warriors FULL NCF + Common (14.1.07): http://xeem.to/Yo5TfMMnLw
Jagged Aliance 2 FULL NCF + Common (4.12.06): http://xeem.to/GjXPV8aOPY
Opposing Force FULL GCF (21.12.06): http://xeem.to/H7Rs7ElVk7
Pizzafrenzy FULL NCF + Common (22.12.06): http://xeem.to/ULrchCpSLt
Poker Superstars II FULL NCF + Common (28.12.06): http://xeem.to/q28rJgIhQ7
Prey FULL NCF + Common (4.2.07): http://xeem.to/GmSq9sx5iU
Psychonauts FULL NCF + Common (5.1.07): http://xeem.to/MtidOhixtv
Race - The WTCC Game FULL GCF (18.1.07): http://xeem.to/8Nk1MvxT8J
Rag Doll Kung Fu FULL GCF (28.12.06): http://xeem.to/MXtgcOFFY
Red Orchestra FULL NCF + Common (14.12.06): http://xeem.to/kYsQpCqoHS
Riochet FULL GCF (21.12.06): http://xeem.to/VbfP7bj2c
RoboBlitz FULL NCF+Common (5.1.07): http://xeem.to/EpLCSQRQuL
Rocketmania Deluxe FULL NCD + Common (22.12.06): http://xeem.to/Lml1Y4mPRm
Shadowgrounds FULL NCF+Common (15.1.07): http://xeem.to/yoChRsQ1s
Shattered Union FULL NCF+Common (5.2.07): http://xeem.to/1n6DReWji5
Sin 1 + Multiplayer FULL GCF (31.12.06): http://xeem.to/emPyfpC1i
Sin Episodes: Emergence FULL GCF (2.2.07): http://xeem.to/TTbyWnKTd4
Space Empires IV FULL NCF+Common (16.1.07): http://xeem.to/OPu5LzVocJ
Space Empires V FULL NCF+Common (1.1.07): http://xeem.to/m7GDtmyfv5
Talismania Deluxe FULL NCF + Common (22.12.06): http://xeem.to/2Swaek4Sy4
Team Fortress Classic FULL NGCF (28.12.06): http://xeem.to/uWVvCs6eKj
Typershark Deluxe FULL NCF + Common (22.12.06): http://xeem.to/BhpZwvIU8l
Uplink FULL NCF + Common (6.1.07): http://xeem.to/WO4IBykd62
Vegas - Make It Big FULL NCF + Common (6.1.07): http://xeem.to/oCXacTdAF
X2: The Threat FULL NCF + Common (6.1.07): http://xeem.to/6Yqp633LHj
X3: Reunion FULL NCF + Common (8.1.07): http://xeem.to/yjfhvwXCL
Xpand Rally FULL NCF + Common (5.1.07): http://xeem.to/79SqGbvBgI
Zen of Sudoko FULL NCF + Common (28.12.06): http://xeem.to/kXycdY8ocP
Zuma Deluxe FULL NCF + Common (22.12.06): http://xeem.to/kH8noxNkOM
Files for HL2/SoruceGames Full GCF (14.1.07): http://xeem.to/8Ma9cgawx4
Files for HL1Games (platform.gcf,half-life engine.gcf) Full GCF (18.1.07): http://xeem.to/rGGLsZs9QW

Dedicated Server FULL GCF (31.12.06): http://xeem.to/57RSti8fy
Source SDK FULL GCF (31.12.06): http://xeem.to/rwTTNMZ9qN
Source SDK Base FULL GCF (31.12.06): http://xeem.to/vLEY7Gb3A

Some Standalone-Games:
Counter-Strike 1.6 NON-STEAM-VERSION (20.1.07): http://xeem.to/JwTIcfwBSM
Counter-Strike Source NON-STEAM-VERSION (20.1.07): http://xeem.to/6xm3xzWqlJ
Half-Life 2 NON-STEAM-VERSION (21.1.07): http://xeem.to/98jSycKOOV
Half-Life 2 : Lost Coast STEAM-VERSION (30.1.07): http://xeem.to/9nFcRDNHYg
Prey ORIGINAL-VERSION + CRACK (9.2.07): http://xeem.to/ZaiJuSFkLs
Ricochet STEAM-VERSION (20.1.07): http://xeem.to/dQoat4W9HY
Sin Episodes: Emergence NON-STEAM-VERSION (1.2.07): http://xeem.to/pMIoFZUSI7

Password for files: p3ng3l
Credz To: p3ng3l

Now you have Steam "FREE".
There is no "VAC2 CRACK", "CAFE FIX" or way to get all games "free".

No need to reply unless you contribute to thread.


If only they were hosted somewhere other than Rapidshare.

/me is hating the download limit

Also, what do I do with the games after downloading them(I have CSS in .UHA, whatever that is)?
why bother with link protectors, means you cant put them into liek....Rapget or a nice dl manager.

Im guessing half, if not most are just phishers.
They put them with link protectors so the links don't die... they are big files and uploading them over and over again would be a real cunt
Does it works ONLINE ?! can someone fucking answer that question. If so, learn me how .. or is it just to put those files in steamapps? :D
Does it works ONLINE ?! can someone fucking answer that question. If so, learn me how .. or is it just to put those files in steamapps? :D

you can only play on Cracked servers and on LAN... how about you read some other threads and you would have gotten your answer
I still don't get it, where do u put those cfg files? If I want Gmod to my Blank new Account, how do I do ?!
No more steam buster and links are down... What should i do ?
Is there any equivalent to steam buster ?
Reply to my post would be greatfull.